BD77502FVM Op-Amp Datasheet



BD77502FVM Op-Amp Datasheet

New EMARMOUR Two-Channel, High-Speed Ground Sense CMOS Op-Amp with Excellent Noise Tolerance to Improve Reliability and Simplify Circuit Designs 

BD77502FVM from ROHM is the recently dispatched Nano Cap coordinated double ground sense CMOS operation amp for purchaser and mechanical gear requesting rapid detecting, for example, modern estimation and control frameworks. Estimating 2.9 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.9 mm, the new gadget arrives in a MSOP8 bundle and has a wide working voltage scope of 7V to 15V. 

It includes a high slew rate and low info inclination current and is reasonable for different applications including sensor intensifiers. Amazing EMI trademark is the additional preferred position that BD77502FVM operation amp has over customary items accessible on the lookout. 

The BD77502FVM conveys unrivaled commotion resistance, incorporates two operation amp gadgets that forestall wavering caused because of wiring while at the same time giving fast enhancement slew rates up to 10V/µs and advancement invulnerability to electromagnetic impedance (EMI). The yield voltage across the whole clamor recurrence band is restricted to under ±20mV, which is multiple times lower than a customary operation amp effectively accessible. 

With BD77502FVM, the rapid sign enhancement is feasible and there is no effect of outer clamor or burden capacitance when utilized in gadgets that yield little signals, for example, sensors. This aides in improving unwavering quality while streamlining circuit plans. 

Key Features of BD77502FVM Op-Amp 

Nano CapTM coordinated OPAMP 

Working with a Single Power Supply 

Info and yield are operable GND sense 

High Slew Rate 

Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range 

High Open-Loop Voltage Gain 

No swaying and rapid Op-amps 

Prevalent clamor resistance 

Rapid intensification with slew rates up to 10V/µs 

Dispenses with 16 sections needed for commotion concealment 

The new BD77502FVM Op-Amp is appropriate to be utilized in office the board hardware, for example, unusual current and gas identifiers, engines requiring fast control (signal transmission), inverter control gear, pre-drive cradles for driving semiconductors, and other mechanical and purchaser applications requiring rapid sign transmission and enhancement without stressing over burden capacitance.

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