Pregnancy chart by weeks and months


Pregnancy chart by weeks and months

Pregnancy schedule in weeks and months that is used to determine the exact date of birth, as the pregnancy period lasts about 9 months, i.e. 40 weeks, and in the 40th week birth often occurs, as the percentage of pregnant women who give birth in the 40th week is 80%, and there are some cases Women who give birth at 42 or 38 weeks, and pregnancy is calculated from the last menstrual period and exceeds a week.

Pregnancy chart by weeks and months

Since all doctors now calculate pregnancy by week and not by month, because they see that the calculation by week is more accurate than calculation by month, many women are trying to know how to calculate pregnancy by month, and that is what all women have been accustomed to since ancient times. :

Your pregnancy by monthsI got pregnant in weeks
first monthFrom week 1 to week 4
second monthFrom week 5 to week 8
the third mounthFrom week 9 to week 13
Fourth monthFrom week 14 to week 18
the fifth monthFrom week 19 to week 22
The sixth monthFrom week 23 to week 26
the seventh monthFrom week 27 to week 30
eighth monthFrom week 31 to week 35
The ninth monthFrom week 36 to week 40
Anticipating a natural birthDuring weeks 41, 42

Pregnancy Sections

The period of pregnancy is divided into three sections, and each section in them involves the fetus in a large way and differs from the previous section. These sections are:

The first section: It is the first three months of pregnancy, i.e. from the first week until the thirteenth week, and in this section the formation of fetal cells begins.

The second section: It is the second three months of pregnancy, i.e. from the fourteenth week to the twenty-sixth week, and here all the organs of the fetus are formed and its size increases.

The third section: It is the third three months of pregnancy, i.e. from the twenty-seventh week to the fortieth week, and here the fetus is ready to come out.

How is the date of birth calculated?

There is a certain calculation that doctors do to know the exact date of birth, and this calculation is to ask the doctor about the date of the last menstrual period before pregnancy, which is the first day in it. The egg and the day that results from the addition are added to 8 months in order to determine the date of birth.

Other ways to calculate pregnancy and due date

There are some of the more advanced methods that the doctor uses to calculate the pregnancy and know the exact date of birth in case the pregnant woman does not remember the last menstrual period before pregnancy. These methods are

Ultrasound scans, showing the exact date of pregnancy.
Tracking the stages of fetal formation and growth, through which the pregnancy history is known.

Measuring the size of the uterus, meaning that the larger the uterus, the closer the date of delivery.

Measuring the length of the cervix also indicates the time of birth.
Checking the position of the child, as in the last months the child changes his position, i.e. the head is at the bottom and the feet are at the top.

At the end of the article, pregnancy schedule in weeks and months, there are many ways that explain the calculation of the date of pregnancy and the date of birth, in case you do not remember the last date of your period before pregnancy, and pregnancy is calculated in weeks because there are some months in which there are four weeks and others in which there are five weeks, so the calculation is inaccurate.