Google launch its glasses


Google launch its glasses

Google takes a big step to launch its glasses for augmented reality at the expense of Microsoft

It seems that Google is planning a new start regarding its augmented reality project, as sources indicated that Google has hired a chief engineer for the HoloLens project from Microsoft to work on its Project Iris augmented reality glasses project.

Bernard Chris, reported by Scott Hayden of Road to VR, was hired in November. This was around the same time that Google decided to focus its AR/VR development effort under the roof of Google Labs (as reported by Sarah Perez of TechCrunch). Chris' title is XR (Mixed Reality) Engineering Director at Google Labs. The group is said to be led by Clay Bavour, who reports directly to Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.

According to the Fast Company, Chris worked at Microsoft on augmented reality engineering, mixed visual reality (display screens, sensors, and imaging), optical subsystems, industrial design, and the user interface for HoloLens. He also worked on Microsoft's version of HoloLens for the IVAS project for the US Army.

And with Meta, Apple, Facebook and others building the glasses that would be the primary gateway to the metaverse, a fierce war for the best talent ensued. In this case, Microsoft appears to be the loser.